Q’aniil represents the creation of the universe, life, Mother Nature and everything she produces. It symbolizes the four cardinal directions, the four colors of corn and the four human races. Defender of fertility and pregnancy, Q’aniil is the cosmic seed planted by our Creator.


People born under Q’aniil are very intuitive – especially with love and knowledge – and influential. Responsible, with abundant families, they find frequent opportunities to travel and generally engage in some kind of social activism. Creative and patient, their capacity for adaptation is tremendous. They are very affectionate and loving, and tend to be successful in whatever they pursue. Spiritual and tranquil on the inside, their biggest challenge is to believe in themselves.


They are fertile, responsible, harmonic, intelligent and successful.

  • Element: air
  • Orientation : north
  • Color energy: white
  • Animal guardian: rabbit
  • stone: pearl

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