Transforming knowledge into wisdom and experience. Noj is the connection of the Universal Cosmic Mind with intellect, knowledge, wisdom and knowledge spiritual. No’j symbolizes the movement of heaven and earth, cave or cavern mass. Power of intelligence or wisdom. It symbolizes the ideas and knowledge, brains, movement.


Those born on this day are designed to the sign and its sign Toj destination is Kaan. It has qualities of wisdom and understanding, healers, diviners, brave, wise, possessed of good body signals. They have good character, are comprehensive in marriage, good students and face justice. 


People born on this day strengths are good traders, cautious, studious and good for the arts. They have good ideas and great creative talent. If born in twelve No’j are great defenders of justice. His spirit soars with the music and the arts, noble, idealistic and romantic.

  • Element: Earth
  • Orientation : west
  • Color energy: black blue
  • Animal guardian: woodpecker
  • stone: jet

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